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Fair production conditions, compliance with ecological standards and superb quality build the fundament for our success. Because quality, ethics and a great price are all equally important. Not without reason we are today one of the leading German specialists for men's trousers.

MEYER takes responsibility - because fair equals progress!

  • We offer excellent quality trousers - at a fair price.

    MEYER takes responsibility - because fair equals progress!

    To us fairness means meeting our responsibility to people and the environment - that’s why we place the utmost importance on production conditions when making our trousers.

    All MEYER trousers are manufactured exclusively in our own European production facility near Brasov in Romania. This means we’re able to guarantee:

    • Social security - thanks to regulated work contracts with standard regulated wages and hours of work.
    • Health and safety measures in the workplace - in line with European standards.
    • Environmental protections - thanks to our own industrial laundry facility, with integrated water preparation unit.

  • Social and ecological - guaranteed

    Our demands for fair production conditions are high.

    Adherence to international social and ecological standards is tested and approved regularly by FLOCert, the largest independent certifier worldwide. In 2008, we carried out an extensive independent certification - just like our sub-suppliers. A portion of our collection is made from Fairtrade cotton, so carries the Fairtrade logo. This mark guarantees a completely fair production chain. Only companies who are bound by contract to adhere to the Fairtrade criteria and have these checked by FLOCert GmbH are allowed to carry the Fairtrade logo on their products.

  • The most important facts

    Fairtrade stands for the principles of fair trade, with fair conditions. 

    Fair trade with raw materials and textiles follows fixed rules according to THE principle:

    • Cotton producers receive a fixed minimum price which covers production costs.
    • Importers pay a Fairtrade premium, decisions regarding the use of this are made by the cooperative.

  • Cooperatives who join Fairtrade, must be independent and democratic organisations, who are open to new employees and meet the following conditions:

    • no forced labour
    • no illegal child labour
    • no discrimination
    • no hazardous pesticides
    • no genetically modified seeds

    Harvests may be pre-financed on request, with 60 per cent of the contract price. Longterm, stable trade relationships are encouraged and promoted.

With the Fairtrade logo

Tradition-based tailoring

Our family-run company has been making men’s trousers for more than 50 years – using its own European manufacturing facility. We know what requirements a good pair of trousers needs to have.

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