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Our very own European production

  • We take the job into our own hands to create truly special products

    We know exactly where our trousers come from - and how they're made. Because they come exclusively from our own European production facility.

    Our very own European production

    MEYER trousers are made near Brasov in Romania – for more than 25 years now. In-house production means we can have greater influence on all processes which contribute to the quality of a pair of trousers. Also in all the special processing details, such as the semi-sartorial processing quality of the new EXCLUSIVE line. We also check where our materials come from. We obtain our outer fabrics exclusively from renowned European weavers. And our selected additions (buttons, zips, threads, etc.) come from Europe. Trousers from MEYER - developed in Germany, made in our own FAIRTRADE-certified production plant in Europe.

  • Good conditions for people and planet

    We care about where our trousers come from.

    Thanks to our in-house European production, we can guarantee social and ecological standards:

    • Social security thanks to regulated work contracts and standard regulated wages and hours of work
    • Health and safety measures in the workplace in line with European standards
    • Environmental protections thanks to our own industrial laundry facility with integrated water preparation unit

  • Controlled Quality

    Each step ensures that MEYER trousers are something special.

    We place great importance upon caring processes and the highest degree of precision in processing - whether by machine or by hand. For this, we rely on the skill and the passion of our employees. Permanent checks by our experts guarantee that each pair of trousers is of perfect quality. Because it is only in the interplay between precise technology and the instinct of each individual that original MEYER trousers are born.

Tradition-based tailoring

Our family-run company has been making men’s trousers for more than 50 years – using its own European production. We know what requirements a good pair of trousers needs to have.

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