Five-pocket jeans

A must have in every wardrobe -  the five-pocket jeans from MEYER. They are robust and casual, as well as being comfy and sporty. Whether they're worn on cold winter days or in summer, you can't go wrong with a five-pocket jeans. In the MEYER online shop, you'll find a large selection of five-pocket jeans in Slim, Regular Fit and Skinny Fit. You can wear these jeans as part of a casual outfit or for a smart everyday business look. These five-pocket jeans from MEYER are versatile, comfy and stylish.

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The secret of five-pocket jeans
Five-pocket jeans are a fixed component of men's fashion. Almost every man owns a pair of these jeans – no trousers have been worn as often or as much over the decades as five-pocket jeans. Their secret: They are robust and casual, as well as comfy and sporty.
Five-pocket jeans in a variety of fits and colours
As their name already suggests, five-pocket jeans typically come with five pockets. This includes a little coin pocket which is ideal for small change. At MEYER-Hosen, you will find a large selection of five-pocket designs. In addition to the fits Slim, Regular Fit and Skinny Fit, MEYER also offers a large selection of materials and colours.
Five-pocket trousers can be worn on warm days, too
For summer, MEYER offers a selection of five-pocket designs in light pastel colours. Also, there is one style available as shorts, which is perfect for the summer. Simply team them with a T-shirt and enjoy the warm days with a pair of stylish five-pocket denim shorts.
Many styling possibilities
Men can't really go wrong with a pair of five-pocket jeans, not just because this classic is robust, comfy and casual, but also because it is incredibly versatile. Almost everything will go with five-pocket jeans. For a casual look, you can team them with a polo shirt and trainers. You can even wear them as part of a business outfit! Simply combine them with a business shirt and a sports jacket over the top. Complete the look with leather shoes and a belt.

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